May 30th, 31st and June 1st, 2014 - Irvine, CA

Califur – Hollywood Past and Present

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Welcome to Califur, Southern California’s premiere furry and anthropomorphic convention! Located in sunny Irvine, California we are just a hop skip and a jump from Los Angeles in beautiful Orange County. On our tenth year, we are ecstatic to be able to host some of the most exciting furry events this side of the Pacific. If you are new to furry, you might need a bit of an explanation of what exactly all of this is. Furries are a collection of individuals with an eclectic taste for the arts and anything that is supportive of animals. With creative people who create art, act in fursuits, make music, or just like to be a fan of furry created works we welcome people of all walks of life. You can find much of this creative nature in our Dealer Den and Artist Alley at Califur. Furries raise thousands of dollars a year to help save or better animals. Califur in the past has raised money for the World Wildlife Fund to help benefit Tigers and Red Pandas in need. We have also helped Moonridge Zoo, the California Wolf Project and many more. This year, our goal is to help raise funds for assistance animals for those with PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many of our service men and women comes back from their service in need of a companion animal, Alpha Canine helps fill that need. Califur is proud to be hosting Alpha Canine this year.

We decided on the Hollywood theme for this year based on some very important fandom factors as this will mark the: 25th anniversary of furry conventions, Califur’s 10th year and the 20th anniversary of Disney’s Gargoyles. A localized theme to our region that highlighted achievements seemed as if it was more than appropriate for 2014. With a Hollywood theme, anything is possible and we look forward to seeing people dressed anyway they please to express their favorite singers, actors, movies, California and Hollywood culture and celebrating with us this important convention.

We hope that whatever reason you are going to be joining us at Califur this coming year, that you enjoy your time with us and help to grow our creative community. We can’t wait to see you for Califur 2014: Hollywood Past and Present!

Califur Logo - medium sized

Califur Chairwoman: Zsa’nene “Tiger Eyes” Stevens
Califur Co-Chair: Vidwulf Silentstrider Spiritweaver