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Welcome to Califur, Southern California’s premiere furry and anthropomorphic convention! Located in sunny Irvine, California we are just a hop skip and a jump from Los Angeles in beautiful Orange County. On our tenth year, we are ecstatic to be able to host some of the most exciting furry events this side of the Pacific. If you are new to furry, you might need a bit of an explanation of what exactly all of this is. Furries are a collection of individuals with an eclectic taste for the arts and anything that is supportive of animals. With creative people who create art, act in fursuits, make music, or just like to be a fan of furry created works we welcome people of all walks of life.

Check out some highlights from last year!

Each year, furries raise thousands of dollars a year toward a charity that works to save (or better) the lives of animals. We have paired with Animal Refuge Kansai (ARK), helping them work towards a fundraising campaign to build extended facilities, specifically their animal welfare center .

We wish to pay homage to the artistic style of Kemono (Japanese 獣, ケモノ, or けもの) which translates to “beast”. This genre of Japanese art and character design prominently features fictional anthropomorphic or sentient animal characters in human-like settings and situations. It is used widely in drawing, painting, manga, anime, and video game designs.  We look to the far east, inspired by our brother convention, Kemocon whom we have been working with for many years now.  We encourage people to draw out your deepest visions or epic storylines to celebrate this distinct style with us.

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Califur Chairwoman: Zsa’nene “Tiger Eyes” Stevens
Califur Co-Chair: Vidwulf Silentstrider Spiritweaver