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Califur’s Conference Floor

Califur will be having a Conference (Party) Floor for 2014 and we are looking for party animals for inclusion on our party floor!  More than a few of you have already asked just what it takes/what is required to become part of the fun in hosting a party.  To be able to get a room on the Conference Floor you will need to:

  1. Be registered and paid with CaliFur. You can register at
  2. Have a hotel reservation with a confirmation code
  3. Fill out and sign the Conference (Party) Floor agreement.
  4. Then email the Califur 2014 – Conference Floor Policy agreement, Hotel room confirmation code, and your legal name and email address to rrroofus (at) yahoo (dot com)

After verifying all the information by the CaliFur Chair if you get selected to be on the Conference (Party) Floor you will be sent an official confirmation letter for your spot on the Conference (Party) Floor.  So, if you have what it takes, we want to hear from you!