Art Show / Dealer’s Den

Dealer’s Den:

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2 fursuited characters stand in the Califur dealers room
Photo courtesy of Skunkman

Everyone likes a little furry merchandise, perhaps a new tail, or even a new book!   The Dealers’ Den is jam-packed with vendors catering specifically to furs of all types. In the Den, you can find things for sale that you just can’t find anywhere else!  Come into our Dealers’ Den and find what you have waited all year to find. Furry gems not your cup of tea? How about a commission from your favorite artist? Come see who’s got prints, portfolios or originals for sale. While you’re there, come see who’s commissioning who.

If you’re interested in becoming a dealer, you’ll need to read and fill out the appropriate forms and complete an online registration as a dealer. Note that registering online as a dealer is not enough to guarantee a table. You must complete the application, obtain the required permits, and get approval.

Dealer’s Den Application
CA Seller’s Permit (Online Application)
CA Special Events Certification BOE-410-D

Please mail all dealers’ applications to:

CaliFur 2017
c/o Glen Wooten
P.O. Box 1376
Lemon Grove, CA 91946

Art Show:

Art show section artwork by Zhivago D.
Art show section artwork by Zhivago D.


Each and every year artists from all over prepare one-of-a-kind pieces specifically for showcasing to you, our amazing conventioneers! Often seen in our art show are original handmade pieces or limited edition prints that are entirely new and unique.

See anything here that you would like to take home to keep?

Much of the artwork on display here is also registered in Califur’s silent art auction where an art piece is sold to the fan who wants it the most! But don’t be dismayed, there are plenty of great deals to keep a sharp eye (and pen) out for!

Interested in showcasing your amazing artwork?

Art show panels are a 4′ by 4′ surface area of pegboard in which you can display and try to sell your fine works of art. We also have tables available in the art show to encourage all the 3-dimensional artists out there.

Price: $10 per 4×4′ panel or 1/2 table space
Limit: TWO spaces (4×4′ panel or 1/2 table) total per applicant.

Art Show Panel Application

Mailing in Artwork:

Califur as a convention does not take in mail-in works. However if you are interested in mailing in works, the Co-Chair Vidwulf is willing to personally take on a few artists a year working at their agent at Califur for mail-in. If you are interested in having Vidwulf work as your at con agent for mail in at Califur, please send him an e-mail:

Artist’s Alley Tables:

CaliFur 12 Artist Alley Rules:

Artist alley tables are assigned by the dealer’s den lead ONLY.  Camping out at a spot before permits are assigned does NOT get you a spot – only a signed & embossed permit (good for one day only) gets you a half-table spot.  Electricity is not provided, ample lighting is not guaranteed, and you get 1 chair.  You cannot leave stock overnight.  If you wish to sign up for the next day’s alley, you need to lather, rinse, & repeat.

Permits are free & can be obtained 1 hour before the dealer’s den opens – see Jaguar in the dealer’s den for your permit.  Once you have a permit, you can claim any space NOT claimed by a person with a permit (no fights – the person with a permit trumps a camper – period).  No food or drink may be sold – hotel policy.  You are obliged to have a California seller’s permit, and must show it before you are allowed to sign up (it’s the law – see for a permit) – if you do not have one, we cannot allow you to sell.  Any trouble gets the troublemaker removed from the artist alley – see Jaguar in case of a dispute – his word is LAW.

We will have more spaces than last year, and 1 or 2 may be reserved by Jaguar – that’s another “His Word Is LAW” item.