Califur Winter Update: 2016 into 2017

Greetings Attendees,

We have a lot to cover in our winter update, so please stay with me as we touch on each and every point.  Please forgive me, in this update has some very hard topics to cover. My diction is not as strong as usual:

Yost Family Murders & Bans:

We first and foremost want to extend to the Yost family our love. They were dear friends of many staff members, and the murders have greatly affected many of us on deeply personal levels.  This is why after much discussion Califur has decided to place a ban on everyone involved (IN ANY WAY) with this situation. We do not feel that it is correct for anyone involved to be part of our convention, as we want attendees to have a safe fun experience.  Furry is about friendship, kindness and art. It has no place for harmful individuals.

We have had a lot of attendees asking us about this situation, and we wanted to discuss it in depth between head staff before making a public statement.

We do not normally publicly disclose bans, but in this instance it is important to do so. Please refrain from asking in detail if X furry is banned regarding this situation. Most of staff is still grieving.

The answer: If their name was in the papers, the answer is yes they are banned.

Hollis “Black Eyes” head of CFAC in the ER:

As you may have heard, Hollis “Black Eyes” is in the ER. He suffered many cardiac arrests and is now in a coma with brain swelling. We are very concerned about Hollis, and are keeping him in our thoughts and prayers. He has been a part of Califur staff since Year 0. If you can assist, a friend of Hollis is current collecting funds for his hospitalization:


In regards to convention changes:

Longer Dances:

Something that we had commented on this past year quite a bit was the length of the dances. We sadly were restricted on length for our introductory year and felt that they were indeed cut too short.

This was something we didn’t have say on as the Fairplex had banned any type of dance on their property for 2016. If you had not read about the situations on the Fairplex that caused this ban, you can catch up on the information by taking this link over to the LA Times:

We were lucky to have had dances at all, as originally it did not look like it was going to be possible. Califur staff negotiated terms for limited dances for 2016 to prove that our attendees could conduct themselves in a manner that was safe and responsible while having fun.

So be it short, the dances this past year proved to Fairplex that furs could partake in these events and remain responsible. So thank you to your attendees!

What that means for 2017 is that the dances will be long once again extending past 2am as long as they remain active.


For 2016 we were using a main hotel (Sheraton Fairplex) and an overflow hotel (Sheraton Ontario) to fit the needs of our attendees. However, after reading feedback from attendees we will be cutting the over flow hotel for 2017. There were issues with Sheraton providing shuttles to fit the needs of our attendees in overflow, and a concern about attendees using shuttles after the dance. So to negate these issues, we are no longer offering an over flow hotel option.  This in turn lets us focus on the Main hotel and convention space, and not have to divide our efforts to also monitor the overflow.

What this means is that Califur is now limiting the number of rooms for the convention to ONLY Sheraton Fairplex. Once the Fairplex is full, we WILL NOT be offering an over flow option.  Attendees are more than welcome to still register for the convention itself even if the hotel is full on rooms.  We will have 50 additional rooms in the main hotel this year, as we have picked up rooms from other events that will not be taking place at the same time this year.

Hotel Block Goes on Sale Friday:

Please make sure that you are prepared to take up a room for the convention. As we mentioned above, Sheraton Fairplex will be the ONLY hotel this year. Once the hotel is full that is it. We will be posting details for the hotel on sale on twitter as well as the main Califur front page at noon Friday.