CaliFur 2018: Fursuit Dance Competition

Ready to show your moves and rumble on the dance floor with the best dancers in California? Then make sure you sign up for the Fursuit Dance Competition! We’ve been proud to host some of the best dancers in the fandom, make yourself known and win prizes for making the top three!

fursuit dance

Sign Up

You may sign up for the dance competition in person at the preliminaries; day and time TBA, check your pocket programs at the con. You will need a digital copy of your music selection to sign up at preliminaries.  All competitors must try out. Tryouts must be in the same fursuit the competitor will be taking to Finals. Fursuits are required for this dance event.

Tryouts are closed to the public and will be on Saturday.  Only the top 10 contenders from Tryouts will make the Finals. Results will be posted in the headless lounge about an hour after the tryout period ends.  Tryouts will be in front of a panel of judges using the same judging criteria as the Finals. The Tryout judges will be different from Finals judges.

Costume Requirements

For this competition, a fursuit is minimally defined as an animal costume with a full encompassing headpiece, hand paws, and tail. (Feetpaws will be on a case by case basis.)

Audio Requirements

Audio files must be in MP3 format. Please take care to have the highest quality of your audio file.

Each competitor must try out with the same song that they plan to compete in the competition.  Performances are limited to a minimum of 1 minute and 20 seconds a max of 1 minute and 40 seconds. If a competitor’s music is longer, the DJ will cut at the 1 minute 40-second mark.

Competitors are required to submit music before the con by emailing it to Please submit music by May 1st. If you do not submit your music beforehand, we will not be able to have you try out.


All final competitors are required to report to the Theater at least 30 minutes before the start of the dance competition; time and day TBA, check your pocket program at the con.  By arriving early the competitors will have the opportunity to practice on the dance floor in privacy from the public.

Competitors will dance in a randomly determined order. Dancers are required to stay in the headless lounge until given a five-minute warning before their turn.

Judging Criteria

There will be 3-5 judges separate from the final competition. Judges will be evaluating criteria in originality, technical difficulty, execution, musicality, and crowd involvement, each with their own strengths.

  • Movement – Originality of steps, a variety of movements and degree of difficulty. Few repetitions and contrast of movements.
  • Execution – Ease of transition between movement, continuous motion in dance. Dance free from hindrances or difficulties.
  • Presentation – Movements are performed with vitality and energy. Dancers exhibit confidence, enthusiasm, and charisma. The crowd gets into it.

Each of these 5 categories will be based on a 0-10 number scale by each judge and tabulated before the next competitor begins. The top three places will be announced after the final competitor finishes. In the event of a tie for 1st place, a predetermined song will be played for head to head competition in a ‘floor wars’ format, one dancer a time for 2 rounds. The winner will be determined by the audience.


First Place – 2019 Califur Patron Membership

Second Place – 2019 Califur Sponsor Membership

Third Place – 2018 Califur Attending membership & A 2019 Califur t-shirt

Please keep in mind that the purpose of this event is to have fun and put on a good show for everyone watching.  We greatly appreciate everyone willing to try out and compete even if they do not end up winning the event. Be courteous and help make this a fun event for everyone! We look forward to seeing all of the amazing dancers, and some fancy fursuit paw work! Finalists will receive 4 wristbands for their family to enter first!


Contact the fursuit lead at