Future Themes

Wouldn’t it be neat to know what the future themes of CaliFur might be? Thanks to our very own diligent lab-rats, we can!

These meticulous furry fellow scientists have been collaborating amongst each other all year to bring us CaliFur’s most technical splendiferous mechanical contraption of all time: CaliFur’s very own time-transversing whirlybird!

For the first time, we may now take a peek into CaliFur’s future to reveal our upcoming year’s themes. Grab your aviator goggles, we are about to go where no furry has gone before — our own future!


wild west

2018 – Wild West Califurnia:

Howdy to all outlaws, marshals, sweet saloon gals and everyone in between! In this growin’ town, you can find cowboys, indigenous furs, vaqueros, padres and pesky bandits! But if you keep your eyes sharp, the mysterious Zorro himself might come and teach those bandits what for. Come take a ride with us back to the 1800’s when all trails blazed to sunny Califurnia!