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Wed June 8th 2016:

Post Convention Part 1:

Greetings Attendees!

I first off want to say thank you to the volunteers and staff of Califur. Without them, we wouldn’t have a convention and their hard work makes it happen every year. We had an interesting start to our first time at the Fairplex and Sheraton. It goes without saying that any time you move to a new location, you’re going to run into some situations you were not expecting. Over all, staff handled a majority of them so well that attendees were not even aware anything was taking place. So kudos to staff!

Sheraton and Fairplex were feeling us out as much as we were feeling them out. We found that in the end we work well with their teams, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

As we are polling attendees for feedback, we noticed three topics trending as the most concern able to our attendees. I’m going to go ahead and address them out right now, as people seem to be playing telephone with them and don’t have the full information:


We did have quite a few tabards, tapestries and adornments around the convention.  As well as a sword, crown and tabard given to the person chosen as the new ruler. Most paid for out of pocket by a  single staff member and others donated by another that works for a major amusement park. The con itself, had placed most of its money for this move year into new expenses for this new location, upgrades to gaming, and upgrades much needed for the con. You may have noticed some of the following:

1) Easels around the convention with sign info

2) A large WELCOME TO CALIFUR! banner posted at the front of the Main Hotel.

3) New computers for gaming as well as internet for gaming.

4) Signs all over the main hotel, con space and overflow.

5) Stanchions for registration.

6) Pipe and drape for theatrical

7) Upgrade to AV using a new company with better tech

8) More convention space

9) Quite a bit more not listed here as most depts. got an upgrade in some way

Califur focused our attention on upgrading the convention for this year, and placed laxed attention on decoration. This was due to the convention needing an upgrade, which was out primary focus. We can agree that there is room for improvement in the future on decorations, and anyone wishing to assist in that role is more than welcome to apply for decoration committee.

We will be requesting that the staff member that has been taping up computer printed images please stop, as that seems to have drawn the majority of the distain from attendees.

The Heat/The Sun:

I think it can go without saying that everyone had to deal with this unfortunate event. With souring temps, Califur staff made it a priority to have water stations all over the convention. As well as convert some hotel con space more into a resting rooms with A/C to try and combat the heat.  The temperatures are outside the norm for the first week of June and caught us off guard. Though we had tested the area for heat issues with fursuits before con, this level of temp was not expected.  We are looking into possible shade options for the path leading to the Fairplex, or at least a shade and water spot on the route.  We are also toying with the idea of fursuit changing rooms in the headless lounge, so people can suit up AFTER making the walk.

Main Hall in the convention center felt empty:

We agree with this. As Califur attendees are so use to being stuck in the Irvine Marriott hall way fighting for room having A LOT of room was a big change. What also added to this was that almost all of the panels were in hotel, while all of the big event space was in the convention center and expo hall. We’re going to be mixing things up a bit more, to add panel space into the main hall to keep it busy. We’re also exploring the option of making a fursuit rumpus room  in main hall as well as some spooky ideas for our theme next year.

As a side note:

We’ve seen some comments about being locked out of dance comp because “the event started.” That may be what CFAC stated at the door, which they should have elaborated into, “The event started and we are at fire capacity.”  We hit max on some of the rooms for events during the con, and we’re looking at placing those events in larger rooms.


We are still collecting data from those that attended the convention. As always, we will review everything said and address it to staff once we have a good number of replies. If you would like to submit your thoughts please follow this link to our google docs page:


May 18th 2016

Other Events at Fairplex During Con

Greetings Attendees!

We are very close to convention starting so we just wanted to make a quick mention about our space for this year. As you may have read, we will be taking over ALL convention space in the Fairplex Sheraton. We will be using ALL of the space in the Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center as well as the attached Expo Hall. I have marked those for you in red.

The Fairplex is a VERY big place. So we will have some neighbors in locations all over the Fairplex!

So far, we know that we will be sharing the Fairplex with six different events over the convention. Some are more than happy to have attendees visit, while others are not to be disturbed. Please be respectful of their events, as we expect them to be respectful of ours. None of these events are in our convention space.

We ask that attendees stay within our con space, unless they are visiting one of the following furry friendly events:

Furry friendly events:

Food Trucks! (Fairplex lower administration lot) (Thursday only)

Sancocho Latin Music, Food and Dance Festival (Sat only!) (Plaza of the States/Birch Street) Show your Califur badge for discount ($10) admission. This event has LOTS of food! (Mixed comments on if suits are or are not allowed, please be advised.)

-Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show (Sunday only!) (Fairplex main lot) (Furry friendly, no fursuits!)

Please do not disturb:

Giant RV Spring Show (White Ave Lot) (Please do not disturb!) (May 27-June 5th)

Kids Artistic Revue Dance Competition (June 3-5th) (Please do not disturb!)

Bridal Expo (Sunday only!) (Please do not disturb!)




Monday May o2, 2016

As some of you may have heard, there have been a few instances of attendees being unable to retain their rooms at our main hotel Sheraton Fairplex. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this may have caused our attendees ages 18-20 who were the main names on their rooms.

This issue was due to a policy that is normally in place for people attending the Sheraton Fairplex that requires those reserving a room to be 21 and over.

A few attendees alerted Califur staff to this issue, and what Sheraton Fairplex had been stating about their normal age limitation on room booking.

As this was not part of our contract agreement, Califur staff Monday morning at 10am got in touch with our representatives to resolve this matter.  We want to thank Sheraton Fairplex for addressing this issue promptly and professionally, and providing an easy resolution to this matter.

While Sheraton Fairplex PREFERS that the person booking the room be 21+, those attending Califur that are the room holders that are under 21+ will not be denied a room.  Please be kind and courteous when dealing with Sheraton Fairplex staff at the front desk if you do run into this issue.  If you have someone that is 21+ in your room, (even if they are not the room holder) let the Sheraton front desk staff know.

Alert them to this notation, and if you have any sort of denial when checking in at con please request to speak with Califur staff. We are more than happy to assist in making sure with our Sheraton representatives that you have a fun and excellent convention!

Our room block in the Sheraton Fairplex is at this time full, so those attendees looking to book rooms will need to do so at the Sheraton Ontario. Our overflow hotel.

We thank you for your patience in this matter,

Califur Head Staff



News Post: June 2015

(Click on any of the images for a larger view.)

Property Introduction & Museums of the Property!


Heya everyone! I’m Vidwulf Califur’s Co-Chair and I want to take you on a little tour of our new location! Since we moved, we have a lot to cover. So check back every so often to find more hotel updates! For today, we’re going to to cover the Sheraton Hotel, Convention Center and Expo Hall buildings. As well as the on site museums that might be of interest to train and car fan furries. In our next update, we’ll be covering neat little bonuses about the property and how they are a fun addition to the convention.

[gmap addr=”601 W McKinley Ave, Pomona, CA 91768″]Califur Hotel[/gmap]

We’re excited to show off the space that we will be hosting Califur 2016 in! The Sheraton Hotel, Convention Center and Fairplex is a very large space! As you can see the property itself is expansive.

Fairplex overview map


This map gives a little bit more detail on what buildings are located where. As you can see the Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center occupy the southern most points of the property.  We will be using the Red Lot for our parking. If we need extra, we have tons on paw!

Red buildings


We’ve highlighted the buildings we will be using for our first year in red to give you a feel for how the convention will be mapped out. The Sheraton Hotel, Convention Center and attached Expo Hall will all be in use. Furries are more than welcome to visit the on-site NHRA Museum.

The Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, presented by the Automobile Club of Southern California, is located on the edge of the historic Los Angeles County Fairplex. It houses a collection of memorabilia, automobiles and motorcycles related to the sport of hot rodding.

There is also a Historic Railroad Exhibit at Fairplex, Pomona, California, hosted by the Southern California Chapter of the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society.


The Sheraton Hotel (Our Main Hotel) itself is a beautiful full suite hotel. You can take a peek inside the rooms and get to know what the hotel offers by visiting our Hotel Information page.

Convention Space Floor Plan

This is the space we will be occupying for 2016. We’ve broken it down into how Califur will use the space below.


The hotel convention space will contain some of our panel space, in hotel registration and CFAC location (We will have two locations for both!), dining ballroom, artist lounge, hospitality and other coming attractions.


Hotel Hall leading to in hotel convention spaces.


One of the in hotel meeting rooms.


The Convention Center and Expo Hall will contain: digital white board panel space, massive theatrical and green room, huge gaming department with screens built in, Cyber Cafe that will only be useable by furries, fursuit lounge, registration two, CFAC two, con ops, and our mega dealers den!


“Green Room” inside Convention Center.


Expo Hall that will be Dealer’s Den.

We’ve got a lot of space to work with and we’re looking forward to have a good amount of fun with it! We look forward to seeing you at Califur! Check back later for another update!