Open Staff and Volunteer Positions

We hope that everyone had an amazing CaliFur! We are always looking for dedicated and amazing furs to add to our staff!

What is the benefit of being on CaliFur staff? There are quite a few, but the most profound is the ability to help better our local community and provide an event that people can enjoy from all over the world. CaliFur is not only a window into our local culture, it’s a place for people to be themselves be creative and have fun.  We’re always looking for talented furs to join our team, and we hope to have you join our ranks this year! We wouldn’t be able to host CaliFur without all of the dedicated and awesome staff and volunteers.

Please note that none of these positions (staff or volunteer) are paid positions. All positions assisting CaliFur are on a volunteer basis.

Interested in a job here? Send us an e-mail:

General Staff benefits include:

  • Discounted admission to the con
  • Access to Staff Lounge
  • Access to Staff Floor
  • Invitation to any staff events


Available positions:

CFAC Guest Relations Level 1 (Staff/ a majority of con time needed) – This position is for dedicated CFAC staff that do not mind spending the majority of their con experience assisting with logistics. Responsibilities include: Crowd control, Assistance in seating attendees during events, Assistance in emergency situations, Keeping the flow of traffic going in crowded spaces per fire code regulations, checking fire stairwells, checking floors of the convention hotels, checking panels and event space, assisting attendees with questions, assisting attendees with any issues and assisting with general safety protocols.  This position is for individuals that can make decisions as needed and utilize common sense and deal with situations on their own (in some cases). These CFAC members must also be able to work as a team when working with other CFAC and staff.

CFAC Door Guards Level 2  (Volunteer/ a few hours needed) – This position is for furs that want to be able to help out with logistics, but not have to dedicate their entire con to assisting CFAC. Responsibilities include Door guard positions and assisting CFAC with minor needs.

CFAC Medical Level 3 (Staff or Volunteer Part Time/Full Time) –  This position is looking for EMTs, Paramedics and military medically trained individuals. Individuals applying for this position must have current medical licenses/active military identification. All paperwork will be checked to confirm that it is current. Medical staff assists in many various situations and must be prepared to respond to a variety of calls. Everything from minor cuts and bruises to high level medical situations.  This position comes with additional perks.

Registration (Staff full/part-time) – This position requires furs with excellent cash handling experience, customer service and tech knowledge. Registration staff must be able to work quickly and efficiently in assisting attendees with their registrations.

Programming (Staff Full Time) – This position is a before convention job that requires a fur with good organization skills. Programming needs to be able to assist staff in putting together the schedule for the convention in a timely manner. Knowledge of Excel/Google docs preferred.

Theatrical A/V (Staff  Full Time) – CaliFur rarely has openings for our Theatrical, so this is a rare opportunity.  We are looking for technical furries that have an understanding of lighting and sound to help run both for our main events. Furs that take on this position will need to be team players, who do not conflict with others.

Interested in a job here? Send us an e-mail:

 CaliFur holds the right to deny anyone wishing to assist a denial to assist with no reason given what so ever.